3 Reasons to Schedule an Appointment with Your Orthodontist

We all have busy lives and full schedules. Taking time out of our days to devote to our orthodontic health can sometimes feel like another chore. Whether you’re on the fence about scheduling an orthodontist appointment for yourself or your children, here are three reasons why it really is worth your time and attention.

Start Healthy Habits

It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting your children on a healthy path or getting started on that path yourself–being aware of your orthodontic health is always a good habit to begin cultivating. When you schedule your free initial appointment, you will learn whether or not you require any orthodontic treatment. An orthodontist can see how your teeth are positioned and get an idea of what problems you have or might develop in the future. This can be especially helpful for young children, but orthodontic issues can crop up in adulthood.

It’s About More than a Straight Smile

You might think that, other than straightening your teeth, there’s not much benefit to keeping up with orthodontic check-ups. But getting orthodontic treatment is about more than the self-esteem boost straight teeth gives you–although that is certainly an important benefit of braces. Common orthodontic issues like overbite, underbite, crossbite and crowded teeth make it difficult to maintain proper oral health and hygiene, and tooth decay or gum disease can be a result.

Build a Relationship with Your Orthodontist

As we discussed earlier in this post, an orthodontist can evaluate your oral health and your jaw formation and let you know when you might need treatment. Continuing to make regular orthodontic check-ups can allow your orthodontist to monitor your teeth, and in some cases, correct problems before they become more serious (and expensive).

Orthodontic health is important for everyone, whatever their age is. Make it a priority and schedule an appointment today. Younis Orthodontics offers a free consultation for first-time patients. You’ll be able to meet Dr. Younis and his team and learn about any orthodontic issues you have for free. Schedule your appointment today on our Free Consultation page.