Invest in A Great Smile

A good smile goes a long way. Orthodontic treatment doesn’t just improve physical appearance. It also benefits your mental wellbeing and can help improve your overall lifestyle. Maybe you’re a parent considering getting braces for your child, or maybe you’re an adult getting ready to prioritize your smile. Either way, the cost of orthodontic treatment can be a significant concern for families and individuals. But orthodontic treatments are an excellent investment for your children or yourself.

In this blog, we discuss several reasons why orthodontic treatment is a great decision, no matter your age.

Your Oral Health

This might seem like the most obvious reason on our list, but many people don’t understand how badly untreated teeth and jaw issues can affect their overall health. Crowded teeth can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, bone erosion and other problems, because it makes proper dental care and cleaning difficult or impossible. Protruding or “buck” teeth are also more easily cracked or broken. Addressing these and other orthodontic issues truly impacts a patient’s overall health for the better.

Your Mental Health

Both children and adults can experience a boost in self-confidence after successful orthodontic treatment. According to Psychology Today, increased self-confidence can lead to benefits like higher motivation, decreased anxiety and stronger friendships and other relationships. Having confidence in a new smile has far-reaching effects for emotional as well as physical wellbeing!

Your Appearance

Last but not necessarily least is appearance. As we discussed above, orthodontic treatment can lead to increased confidence and self-esteem. These are some of the biggest personal benefits a child or adult can get from orthodontic treatment. But braces, Invisalign or other treatments can also help improve appearance, which can lead to many advantages. A healthy smile can lead to a stronger, more professional appearance that can lead to better job opportunities.   

Whether you’re a parent getting ready for your child’s orthodontic treatment or an adult, Younis Orthodontics’ patient-focused care is here to make the process as easy as possible. In addition to our free consultation for first-time patients, we also offer a payment plan for patients using braces. After a $298 down payment, you can make payments of only $149 a month. Learn more on our website and schedule your appointment today!